Cancer treatment

There are many modalities for cancer treatment. They can be employed in combination or independently.

  1. Surgery is a procedure, which removes the cancer from your body. There is a particular way in which surgery is done for cancerous lesions versus non-cancerous lesions. Make sure you understand this difference from your health care provider.
  2. Radiation Therapy uses high energy x-rays to kill caner cells. It can be delivered as external beam radiation therapy where the source is far from treatment area or brachytherapy where the source is in close proximity with the target.
  3. Chemotherapy is treatment that uses drugs to kill cancer cells. It can be as liquid medication (intravenous, intravesical), tablets, creams and transdermal.
  4. Immunotherapy helps one’s immune system to fight cancer.
  5. Targeted therapy kills cancer cells by manipulating the changes in cancer cells that help them grow.
  6. Hormone Therapy is used to slow and /or stop cancers, which have receptors that sensitive to hormones for example, breast and prostate cancers.
  7. Stem cell transplant restores daughter cell lines after using high dose medication to kill cancer cells.
  8. Precision medicine is an approach to patients that tailors treatment to the genetic understanding of their disease. It moves away from blanket prescription of medication based on type and stage of cancer.

Here are some links to evidence based websites with more information to cancer treatment