Lets talk about Prevention and Screening……..

One can reduce your risk hence prevent cancer by some simple lifestyle choices: exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, avoid smoking and excessive alcohol intake. Also be aware of substances in your environment that are potentially carcinogenic.

Cancer left to its own vices is a deadly disease. However, screening leads to early detection and higher chances of cure for most cancers. Cervical, breast, colorectal, and lung* cancer screening have been shown to reduce mortality secondary to the disease.

Talk to your health care provider which screening tests are applicable to you.

*only for people with history of heavy smokingGet screened


Cancer – why me?

Nothing prepares you for the diagnosis of cancer but you can prepare for your battle with it. Gone are the days that a diagnosis of cancer was synonymous with the word death.

Cancer can be treated successfully even here in Zambia. Find out about the options of treatment available in the country before you lose hope. Talk to experts about surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy.

Even if cancer cannot be cured you deserve a quality of life free of pain and suffering. Have access to professionals who can offer you symptom control and psychological support.Get support for you and your loved ones


I am a survivor what next?

Survivorship has many definitions for different people, but what is true to all is that any person who has completed the journey of cancer treatment is a hero to themselves and their beloved.

Survivorship extends to people who are close to the person with the diagnosis of cancer. Those who have soldiered with you through one of life’s hardest journeys.

Share your journey with others on this platform to encourage them of the possibilities that exist beyond the cancer battle.Inspire others